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June 19th marks Juneteenth, a day to celebrate and acknowledge the freedom of enslaved people in America. Our fight is still not over for equality in America, especially regarding healthcare. Allergy & Asthma Network is taking steps to prioritize, understand and actively address the needs of the Black community. One of our first steps was the Black People Like Me series, a 6-session webinar conversation with the Black community to better understand and address: the impact of asthma and COVID-19 on the Black community, how to involve Black patients and families more to improve their health We also continued our partnership with Black churches to offer COVID testing, vaccinations, and lung screenings through our Trusted Messengers community-based program. Allergy & Asthma Network will continue to make an active effort in striving to ensure the needs of the Black community are addressed and met. Asthma, Covid-19, Questions We Need Answered: Black People Like Me Virtual Conference Series


June 19, 2022


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